CE-LLC own and manage tower sites across 24 states with each tower designed to support multiple tenants. Our goal is to assist in your requirements of getting on-air as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Application Process

  1. Application review
  2. Due Diligence (for new leases)
  3. Structural report for tower
  4. Lease/Amendment draft, review and signature
  5. Issuance of Notice To Proceed
  6. Installation

Notice To Proceed Requirements

  1. Passing Structural Report
  2. Fully executed Agreement (lease or amendment)
  3. Estimated installation date and timeframe
  4. Contact details for contractor who will be performing the installation work at the site
  5. Contractor COI
  6. Building/zoning permit or letter/confirmation from the relevant local authority that no building permit is required
  7. Construction drawings/site plans if prepared
  8. Payment of all fees